Graduate Fellowship for

Teaching Excellence

After winning a UPenn Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Award, I became one of the ten Center for Teaching and Learning Fellows. In that role, I organize and facilitate teaching workshops in my department and across the university, observe graduate students teaching and offer feedback, and meet regularly as a fellows group to discuss best teaching practices.

Philip R. Costanzo

Teaching Fellowship

This unique opportunity provided me with substantial training in teaching as part of teaching team for Introductory Psychology (PSY 101).

In my work teaching and researching human memory, I've found the greatest fulfillment applying human learning and decision-making theories to daily educational challenges. Throughout undergraduate and graduate school, I served as a teaching assistant for a total of ten semesters, including the following undergraduate and MBA classes:

  • MKTG712: Data Analysis for Marketing Decisions, MBA Course

  • PSY265: Behavioral Economics and Psychology, Undergraduate Course (3 semesters)

  • PSY150: Foundations of Human Memory, Undergraduate Course

  • PSY101: Introductory Psychology, Undergraduate Course (5 semesters)

Non-Academic Presentations & Speaking Engagements

I had so much fun joining a recent podcast episode! I shared my thoughts about graduate school, would be happy to follow up and try my best to answer any questions!

Listen on Spotify: https://lnkd.in/dcgxbSe

I particularly enjoy working with companies and building workshops on insights from behavioral science for market research and consulting. Most recently, I worked with BroadBranch Advisors during their corporate retreat.